Thursday, October 29, 2015

Australia Post Massive #FAIL

All Talk - no Action
Have you noticed that Australia Post is advertising that it will assist web based businesses with their delivery options?? I have been using the Express Post service but it has progressively become more expensive, and less flexible.

For example, the 3 kilo bag is now $15 and the "larger" size bag was been withdrawn from the 3 kilo range and put up to 5 kg for $25... even if the contents are just 2 kilos.

I have just got off the phone and been told they can't help wit their better cheaper service if I didn't send 1,000 items in the last 12 months.  They are NOT interested in projections just previous 12 months trading... mmmm maybe the mailman at OfficeWorks is the go??

Questions for the boffins at Australia Post: How can I order a book from book depository [ in the UK ] and have it delivered all for a cost of $17 AUS... and by Australia Post in the last leg of its international journey. I they gouging their Australian customers to make up for having to deliver International parcels for overseas companies??

Monday, September 28, 2015

Now that is a Greeting...

Fast Eddys Morley
It is a public holiday in Perth today... so my favourite week time coffee haunt for the 6am coffee, Redman Cucina is closed and I visit the local FastEddys.

On Saturday I discussed with the lovely young lady her progress on doing her "10,000 steps " The health of Australia is better for those on wrist counters. She told me that she was pulling a double shift today, and to check in with her on Sunday to see how she went.

Well, I have another "she who must be obeyed" and my Sunday coffee was at another place and I didn't get to check in.

When I asked her today how she was going... she said the most amazing thing.

"I am used to hearing people have stopped coming in because they have died. So that is what I thought when you weren't here yesterday"

Who believes in the 60 is the new 40... I have some work to do!!

[ With penalty rates for a pubic holiday my flat white was $4.60 - phew... ]

Nothing Stays the Same - 60 is the new 40

A friend of mine just shared with me:

Not sure if you know but Australia currently has the 3rd highest life expectancy behind Iceland and Japan. The first 2 because if the fish they eat. Because of this, Aussies have a lot more time in their hands

So, when I was much younger, my grandmother deied at 63... and what I can remember she died of old age. My mother passed at 56 from hard work, kidney problems from using too much Bex powder [remember - "have a bex and a lie down..." ]

And I know many people who have pushed passed 80 and enjoy radiant health and engaging lifestyles... Charlie next door, into his late 70's has just "bought a Jeep"

So my challenge to you is to put some time into 
Understanding the demographic changes that are changing the world.

Specifically, where are marketing dollars flowing and can you be in the middle. What services do aging baby boomers need? Is the world running out of clean water? Are newspapers going to survive? Etc. Etc. 

Read every day to understand what is going on. I am starting the #just17 movement to identify these changes and help the new wealthy group enjoy life to the full..

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Perfect Coffee - Australia's gift to the World The Flat White

A good coffee has several components... the coffee, the milk, the barista and how hot it is...

Currently I am on a search for #theworldsbestcoffee and it is a near dead heat between Vivki at Jamocca, Noranda, Richard at Redman Cucina in Inglewood and Nespresso's Apreggio Purple, Bannister Milk and my delonghi machine.

If you have other suggestions let me know. [ Costas, the English coffee chain serves passable Flat White and through Hugh Jackman's advocacy, Starbucks have added flat white to their menus in the USA and UK.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dr Wayne Dyer RIP

Dr Wayne Dyer RIP
I am not sure why I found the article this morning but I read that on August 29th 2015 Wayne Dyer "left his body". It was a great surprise as I had just listened to James Altucher interview Dr Dyer about his new book... I can see clearly now.
Along with Zig Ziglar, Denis Waitley and Napoleon Hill, the writings of Wayne Dyer played an important part of my life's journey.
If you haven't read Dr Dyer's work, books are available on Kindle for less than $2 a time... well worth the effort of visiting Amazon and grabbing a few.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Email, Phone or SnapChat???

Communication 101

As more and more tools become available, we seem to have accepted the notion that communication is "contextual": LinkedIn is for work.Facebook is for friends. Snapchat is for close friends. Texting is for something immediate, if not urgent. Slack is for your team. Twitter is for public broadcast. Skype is for long distance. Phone calls are for intimacy or something really important

Thanks for this great summary to Peter Diamandis

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It started so well

It started so well

I lament the lack of good OLD fashioned Italian restaurants in Perth… in the style of Harry Ferrante and Umberto Tinnelli… and John Salotti from La Casetta in Wembley, where you could get great antipasto and risotto that “sticks to the inside of your stomach.” La Casetta sadly doesn't open for lunch any more.

When you are hungry you eat MOST of it!!
We have tried Three Coins in Beaufort Street Mount Lawley but it wasn’t up to scratch. So, today we tried Maurizio’s at Italian Club in Fitzgerald Street, North Perth.

It started well with a 2 hour parking place immediately beside the front door… but we never imagined that we would need the 2 hours for lunch… but that is another story.

The restaurant has ambiance… very nicely set up with great table settings and a general feeling of “class.” But it was downhill from there.

The “Lunch Menu” was two courses for $45 but each dish on the menu required the server to explain what it was. Although I should recognise an Italian accent being married to an Italian for the last 40years, I struggled to understand anything our young server said. Thinking $45 was a bit steep for one dish I would have preferred [ my risotto ] 

I asked to see the Ala Carte Menu… which went from $25 a entrée BOLDLY STATING ENTRÉE’s were ENTRÉE SIZE and main courses were $45 to $70 a pop.

So I reverted to the 2 course set menu and chose a tasting plate and a Crisp pork belly. The food was average at best and the service was non-existence… and I worried that the 2 hours wasn’t enough to be served and eat my meal. Brilliant Italian bread saved me from starvation but required 4 servings as the meal took so long.

My dining partner had the fish which was dry and his vegetables, although well cooked, were COLD. And in a cost conscious lunch environment, with the addition of a couple of local reds and a bottle of sparkling water, the meal cost $140 which was about a 2 out 5 for value.

So, the search must go on for a decent old style Italian restaurant because since Harry has retired they are as scarce as hens teeth.