Saturday, October 18, 2014

First World Problem - take 2

New way to serve meals
on Qantas maybe cardboard
is cheaper than real plates??
When I finished my around Australia tour on Wednesday evening, it was very apparent that Qantas staff are hurting as the company lays off GREAT people so that the costs of business can be aligned with the low cost aviation model with which they compete.

In Brisbane, on Monday afternoon as it came time to board to travel south to Melbourne, I politely enquired whether Bobby had been successful in reinstating my status to GOLD Frequent Flyer. The delightful young lady on the check in said there had been no change to my status but she would get the supervisor to have a look. The supervisor was another delightful older lady BUT she wasn’t having any of my proposition that as I had shown a solid 15 years of loyalty flying antas at every opportunity, she was not going to bend any rules.

“100 people have lost their jobs here at Brisbane even though we had done the right things by customers” she informed me. “We have 10 million Frequent Flyer members and they are known to “stretch the truth” and I am not calling you a liar Mr Mansfield but because of what some people are doing I am not able to help you.”

To which I said, as you do, “I am not the 10 million Frequent Flyers, I am me and I have been loyal. Not only that, but in September 2001 I paid for lounge access and you have kept my money for 14 years… and I believe my request for my status to be re-instated is a reasonable one. I have flown international out of Perth BUT Qantas now doesn’t fly out of our most prosperous city to ANY international destination - NONE. So, I think someone should look at this.”

This request was because on this trip I was being asked to pay $40 for my second piece of luggage which was just 8 kilos of a total of 21kilos. If I had packed differently I would be 11 kilos UNDER my 32 kilo weight limit. Their, the check in staff, answer was to advise I could take the same piece of luggage on as cabin luggage AT NO CHARGE…

But my pride was now hurting… had I been stupid to be loyal to Qantas… after all I was only 1 of 10 million Frequent Flyers a group prone to stretching the truth.. I relented and took my bag with me and travelled to Melbourne, tail between my legs, avoiding the $40 surcharge.

I did have a little bit of a fright though as the lady tried to confiscate my Gold Card as the expiry date on one side was September 39th. However the card now doubles as Qantas Cash and that side expires on November 30th….

All this would have to wait until Thursday when I was home again and I could ring the Qantas Club staff that “looked after these matters.”

Sunday, October 12, 2014

First World Problem downgraded from Gold to Silver [Qantas]

Mmmm customers a distant second??
It seemed like I hadn't travelled as mush as usual this year, and it was confirmed when I booked my flight to Brisbane on Friday... it said SILVER where as since September 1st 2001 it has said GOLD or PLATINUM. Shock and horror.

I called the Qantas Club and explained to the guy on the other end that if Qantas actually flew to international cities from Perth... they have given all their flights to Emirates!! I would have stacks of status points to maintain my GOLD level.

He agreed that I still clocked up lots of flights with Qantas, had been loyal for 15 years, and, whilst usually  the answer was "no we can't do anything" he would strongly recommend to his supervisor that they should reinstate my GOLD. He would request it immediately and took my phone number so he could ring me back.

Well obviously 15 years of customer loyalty hasn't counted because here I am in the Qantas Lounge now a tattered SILVER member and the penalties of lack of status already are starting to bite. My 2 pieces of luggage weight only 21 kilos but because they are 2 I was presented with a $40 excess bill!

I might have to start considering Virgin who have upped their game lately with Lounges and included food and wine and entertainment and they are $20 on average a flight cheaper.

I will given them a call from Brisbane in the morning and see how my "reinstatement" is going.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Would you do THIS for money?

Money for Nothing
Do headlines really hold the secret to how many people read your emails??

This provocative headline has got me thinking. What would people do for money and in this fast changing internet would the money come fast?

I know that prime numbers work so I searched Dr Google for the 11 best ways to make money fast on the net… here is that list. Mmmmm bit of a bummer. Nothing really jumped out as being easy or quick… How times change [or do they]

Let me know what you think by commenting.

Monday, October 06, 2014


Just reminded... IGNORE THE TROLLS because if you don't you just encourage them!!

Sometimes that advice is hard to heed...

11 Ways to Skin a Cat

Sphynx Cat 
Obviously the skinning of cats has become a “lost art” so here are some suggestions… 11 in fact… of how to skin a cat…

And if you are wondering where the saying “more than one way to skin a cat” came from, you will have to research 17th Century British english sayings… and mostly the saying means that there are more than one solution to any problem.

So, lets get started on 11 ways to skin a cat:

1. With a sharp instrument like a knife, shard of glass, teeth or a small explosive if you want to achieve tasks quickly.

2. Use powerful vacuum cleaner and suck cats insides out, leaving just the skin.

3. Simply click your heels three times and say “there is no cat like a skinned cat” and if that does work, tie one end of string to a doorknob, the other end to the cat’s skin and slam the door.

4. invite the cat to play strip poker and cheat

5. Convince the cat that “all cool cats are getting skinned” and help the cat remove its skin.

6. Sneak up behind the cat, and clap very big cymbals, therefore scaring the cat “out of his skin.”

7. Get instructions from the nursery rhyme “Three Little Pigs” and then huff and puff and blow the cat’s skin off.

8. Get a very sharp samurai sword and slice the cat’s skin off.

9. Tell the cat that the current craze is for cats to get tattoos but the cat needs to shed its fur so you can see the tattoo.

10. Wait for a very hot day and invite the cat to play strip poker. Then I suggest you cheat because cats are very smart.  

11. Search Google images for furless cats, and print off hundreds of pictures of furless cats therefore shaming the cat into shedding its fur.

If none of these techniques work, get a dog.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Devil is in the details..

After struggling for a few weeks to get traction I have decided now is as good a time as any to “pivot.” For nearly 20 years monthly seminars have been what I do. However, in the last 2 years, they have been less and less popular. So, I have made the hard decision to move towards creating residual income from membership sites. Maybe I should have done this earlier but when something is working, even when it is working less and less, it is easier to hold onto that than to leave it behind and start a new journey.

So, ringing in my head is “learn, unlearn and relearn…” and the trepidation of going into the unknown… I will get back to you about how I go… I just picked up for a second reading Napoleon Hill’s NEW classic OUTWITTING THE DEVIL. I hope it sheds some light on the new path as reading THINK AND GROW RICH did when I first read it on November 11th, 1975.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

D'oh $176m Loss for Masters

D'oh $176m Loss for Masters

No rocket science needed to explain why Masters is a dog for Woolworths…

It’s Sunday in Perth and megalith Bunnings’ Morley store is open at 7am… and the carpark is crowded… and the cash registers are signing as people rush in to get their supplies and off home to finish the task before going out for lunch.

Just 3 km down the road Masters Bayswater store doesn’t open until 11am… and Sunday is done for most DIYers but as we wait for the doors to open, the staff park… not at the back of the carpark so customers ight park close to the door but RIGHT UP FRONT in the bays conveniently marked out by management with neat BLUE LINES.

And nearly every staff member is a smoker so, light up on the way to the staff entrance, and but the cigarette out, or not, on the ground near the customer's door because there are no cigarette bins anywhere…

We make our way in only to be bold over my a Masters staffer driving the floor polisher straight at the flock of customers trying to get in.

So, blind freddy and the drovers dog know that when the customers come second, the cash stays in their wallet.

The article I am reading on The Australians website says Woolworths will loses $176 m this year and look like they will write of $2.1 billion before turning a profit. And the head office MBA’s look at cutting costs so they can get to break even quicker… as Homer Simpson would say “D'oh”